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Skyline Staffing Policies

Welcome to Skyline Staffing, Inc.

Click Here to obtain  a copy of Skyline Staffing Polices (PDF Format).

You are now one of a part of a select group of individuals that
have been chosen to represent our company. Our staff is just as important as our customers. Skyline Staffing only assigns you to jobs that match your qualifications. For the temporary assignments this gives you the opportunity to meet new people in different environments before making a full time commitment. For the full time positions you have job opportunities that you would not otherwise know about.

Honoring Your Commitments

When we receive an assignment that matches your qualifications your Staffing Manager will contact you. You will be provided with details pertaining to the assignment. Please carefully consider the responsibilities of the assignment before committing to it. You may accept or refuse any assignment, it is your choice. When you commit to an assignment, our clients are counting on you and so are we. So please take your commitments very seriously.

Skyline Staffing, Inc.’s Policy and Procedures

  1. Employee must be telephone accessible and have reliable transportation.

  2. The employees are expected to complete any job assignment accepted. If an employee does not complete the assignment, Skyline Staffing, Inc. can assume that the employee has voluntarily quit.

  3. The Staffing Manager of Skyline Staffing, Inc. and only Skyline Staffing, Inc. can terminate employment. When an assignment ends, the employee must report in person to the Skyline Staffing, Inc. office for the next job assignment the next working day,
    If a job is not available at that time, the employee must call into the office each week. Failure to do so or to accept the next job assignment will indicate that the employee has voluntarily quit and will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

  4. If the employee refuses the new job assignment offered he/she must come into the office and sign a refusal of work form. Failure to do so will indicate that the employee has voluntarily quit and will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

  5. Once an employee has accepted a job, the employee must report to the Skyline Staffing, Inc. office to pick up a time sheet. Skyline Staffing, Inc. will not recognize or pay for any hours worked by an employee in the absence of an individual time ticket signed by both the client and the employee.

  6. Skyline Staffing, Inc. has a very strict “NO DRUG POLICY”,
    and all employees must sign a consent form to submit to drug
    testing. If the employee fails to comply with the drug testing this agreement will be grounds for immediate termination.

  7. If for some unexpected reason, such as an emergency or
    illness, the employee cannot make it to work or will be late, the
    employee must contact Skyline Staffing, Inc. immediately so
    Skyline Staffing, Inc. can tell the client and/or find a replacement. The employee’s failure to do so will be grounds for dismissal.

  8. If an employee sustains an injury on the job, the employee must inform the client and Skyline Staffing, Inc. immediately after the accident. Skyline Staffing, Inc. will coordinate with the client and employee the proper procedure for treatment and reporting for the accident. A drug/alcohol test will be given on the day of injury.

  9. All employees must comply with Skyline Staffing, Inc. safety
    rules and regulations explained in Skyline Staffing, Inc.’s
    orientation and/or handbook.

  10. Skyline Staffing, Inc. pays its employees once a week. Our pay period starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Paychecks will be ready after 12:00 p.m. on the Wednesday following the week worked.

  11. In order to be paid in a timely manner, time tickets must be turned in no later than 9:00 a.m. each Monday following the week worked. Any late tickets will not be paid until the next payroll (next week).

    Failure to comply with these policies and procedures could lead to termination of employment.

Pointers for all Assignments

  1. Dress appropriately for your environment. (consider worksite environment and culture)

  2. Have a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance

  3. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for all clerical positions. Other rules may apply for light industrial positions.

  4. Maintain eye contact when talking to your Supervisor. Always be respectful and courteous. Abusive language and/or disrespect are not tolerated by Skyline Staffing.

  5. Monitor voice volume (not too soft, not too loud)

  6. Do not use your cell phone at work, unless it is an emergency. In the event of an emergency, notify your supervisor first.

  7. Obey all rules and regulations of the client.

  8. Do not log onto any web sites other than the ones you are told to.

  9. Show enthusiasm in your work.

  10. Complete the assignment. If for any reason the assignment is not up to your expectations, Skyline Staffing must be notified immediately. Skyline Staffing will then try to find you a more suitable position. In the meantime, the current assignment must be completed to remain in good standing with Skyline Staffing.

  11. Skyline Staffing does not provide gas money. Each employee is responsible for their own transportation and transportation expense to and from their assignment.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

To protect the health and safety of all our employees, Skyline Staffing, Inc. enforces a strict “Drug/Alcohol Policy”" which prohibits the possession, sale, use of or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during company time, other than the use of medications prescribed by a physician. Violation of this policy will subject you to immediate dismissal.

  1. Some of Skyline Staffing, Inc.’s clients require Drug and Alcohol testing before being placed for work.

  2. As an employee of Skyline Staffing, Inc., you will be required to be drug and alcohol tested in the event that you are involved in a job-related accident, or suspected of Drug or Alcohol use, and that you may be suspended until the results of the test are known

  3. All work-related injuries require drug and alcohol screening.Understand that a positive test will exonerate Skyline Staffing, Inc. and/or its workers compensation carrier from any liability as a result of said accident, as well as possible termination of employment.

  4. Any employee whose test indicates the presence of any controlled substances regardless of the amount (unless prescribed in writing by a medical doctor) shall be terminated for a serious misconduct of company policy.

  5. Any employee whose blood alcohol test turns out to be positive shall be deemed under the influence of alcohol and will be terminated for a serious misconduct of the company policy.

  6. The doctor, hospital staff, Skyline Staffing, Inc., will be held harmless for the taking of any and all samples and testing.

  7. Any failure or refusal to cooperate with any of the above-prescribed procedures for any reason shall constitute serious misconduct of the policies of Skyline Staffing, Inc., and will be subject to immediate termination of employment.

    The employee understands that submission to a drug/alcohol test in accordance with established policy is a condition of employment with Skyline Staffing, Inc., and consent to provide a urine and/or blood specimen for drug and/or alcohol testing as provided above when requested by Skyline Staffing, Inc. All employees will be asked to consent to the release of the results of this testing to a representative of Skyline Staffing, Inc.

Discrimination and Harassment

It is the policy of Skyline Staffing, Inc., to maintain a work environment free of unlawful discrimination for all employees. Harassment based on a person’s race, national origin, gender, age, marital status, religion, or disability will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is also unacceptable conduct, which violates this policy. Whenever you have reason to believe that you have been subjected to a discriminatory working environment, sexual advances, or other discriminatory or harassing practices or conduct, you should immediately report the incident to Skyline Staffing.

General Safety Rules

The company has developed these safety rules patterned after the Federal OSHA requirements. Read and become familiar with these rules and other safety rules that apply to your job.


  1. Report an injury to your employer / supervisor immediately.

  2. Report any observed unsafe condition to your employer / supervisor.

  3. Horseplay is prohibited at all times

  4. The drinking of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the job. Any employee discovered under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to work.

  5. If you do not have current First Aid Training, do not move or treat an injured person unless there is an immediate peril, such as profuse bleeding or stoppage of breathing.

  6. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn on the job at all times.

  7. Where there exists the hazard of falling objects, an approved hard hat must be worn.

  8. You may be assigned protective safety equipment. This equipment should be available for use on the job, be maintained in good condition, and worn when required. If equipment is provided by Skyline Staffing, Inc., a deposit for the value of the equipment will be required. When the equipment is returned, providing it is returned in the same condition as it was given out, your deposit will be refunded in full.

  9. Learn safe work practices. When in doubt about performing a task safely, contact your supervisor for instruction and training.

  10. Employees may only operate machinery or equipment on which they have been trained on or they are qualified for.

  11. The riding of a hoist hook, or on other equipment not designed for such purposes, is prohibited at all times.

  12. Never remove or by-pass safety devices.

  13. Do not approach operating machinery from the blind side; let the operator see you.

  14. Learn where fire extinguishers and first aid kits are located.

  15. Maintain a general condition of good housekeeping in all work areas at all times.

  16. Be alert to hazards that could affect you and your fellow employees.

  17. Obey safety signs and tags.

  18. Always perform your assigned task in a safe and proper manner; do not take shortcuts. The taking of shortcuts and the ignoring of established safety rules is a leading cause of employee injury.

  19. Employees must be aware of and follow posted emergency and emergency evacuation procedures.

Click Here to obtain  a copy of Skyline Staffing Polices (PDF Format).

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